The next chapter… #Getin



I am coming up to 20 years in the Recruitment industry and the changes over 2 decades have been immense to say the least. Gone are the days of using a DOS based “ATS” called Cardbox, green writing on the screens and faxing CV’s to clients. I remember clearly the “competitions where we would tape our phones to our hands and weren’t allowed to take the tape off until we had secured 3 client meetings or where we would stand next to our desks and weren’t allowed to sit until we had secured 5 client meetings. The ringing of the placement bell rings clearly in my mind as the amassed team mates would clap with jealous grins lighting up their faces – yes, internal competition was rife in agency in the late 90’s and I assume it may not be that different today!

My previous roles have all been in the corporate world, both global agency and local Banks or Financial Services companies which saw me move countries 3 times from my homeland of South Africa to London to Sydney to Auckland. The “grounding” I received, the training, the endless client and candidate meetings and my drive to sponge as much information as I could have stood me in good stead in all my roles and the invaluable lessons received have always been greatly appreciated.

Having recently finished working for ASB, where I honed my talent innovation skills, the next chapter of my working life is about to begin and I have decided to go it alone (well not quite alone but more on that later). I have always wanted to start up my own business, taking the 2 decades of learning and putting them into practice, by helping others (read individuals and companies) develop, build, implement and deliver good ol’ “fist pumping” moments and a cry of “Get In”!


“Two thinkers and tinkerers in New Zealand’s greatest office…”

The picture might now give it all away but I have decided to team up with someone who I admired as a boss, worked with on innovative campaigns and who managed and led one of the most amazing recruitment teams in the New Zealand market … Matt Pontin. Our business name, well, it had to be a hash tag really doesn’t it is #Getin Ltd. #Getin is something that is close to both our hearts and is a hash tag we have used on numerous occasions to celebrate those real “fist pumping” achievements seeing projects we worked on come to fruition. We are both innovative tinkerers who love to find the how and challenge the status quo. One of the many guarantees you will have from working with us will be that we’ll come up with mad crazy ideas that no one else has tried before – that will work!


Celebrating setting up the #Getin business with a “fist pump”!

The essence of the business is to offer you expert consulting advice that will significantly impact your business success and cause you to punch the air in celebration. It’s about attracting customers and talent, who are closely aligned, as we all know candidates have been customers / consumers of the same brands that have been trying to attract them.

We can advise and support you in areas including:

  •  Discovery sessions
  • Social Media
  • Digital transformation
  • Employer Branding
  • Brand Activation
  • Look before you leap – Market Intelligence
  • Top class training

We are super excited, in fact there have been many “fist pumping” moments already as we have worked on creating a business that will see a global shout of “Get In”. So if you are looking to find better, smarter and faster ways for your business to attract Customers and Talent – give us a go, you won’t regret it and you will have heaps of fun working with us!

You can find out more on our website and follow us over on the social channels :

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We hope that you’ll soon be joining us in saying: 




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