It did not work for me! This pretty much sums up my experience of trying to get rid of one of the most debilitating skin conditions around by completely changing my diet.

I don’t write this to garner sympathy nor will I go and cry in the corner feeling sorry for myself, the fact of the matter is it just did not work for me but it has and may well do for others. This is just my personal experience.

It has been a couple of months since I updated this blog as I wanted to ensure my message was not just one of anger and frustration, that yet another effort at ridding myself of life-long eczema did not work, but also reflected the positives following my experience.


The good news, I am 9 kg’s lighter. The not so good news, my eczema continues unabated and to say the last few months has been a roller-coaster ride is a pretty accurate cliché.

Following a strict diet is never easy but I found giving up sugar, gluten and yeast (except for Beer of course) less taxing than the awesomeness that is bacon, cheese and basics like garlic, lemon and chilli.

Now I don’t need to write here what an awesome and supportive wife I have, who went along with this new food regime with me, hell even my 8 year old son got into the act eating his greens and a variety of new dishes. I do however want to put on record how appreciative I am of the amazing family I have been blessed with. They put up with food tantrums, frustrations, and a grumpy unsatisfied and sometimes tearful person who couldn’t have been much fun to be around for a few weeks.

Also, I cannot neglect to thank the amazing team I work with who have carried me through some tough lunches, nights out and morning teas, evening ensuring Kumara Chips and fruit were on the menu. Thanks guys and gals, you’re awesome to work with!

Another positive is I have learnt more about food and how it affects us in the last 3 months than I have in 40 years on this planet. I could never return to my previous ways and patterns of eating knowing what I know now and I will continue to follow a more Paleo type diet ensuring lots of raw fresh fruit and veg and unprocessed organic foods are included – along with dried Banana Chips in organic raw honey which have become my favourite snack.

Long may the weight loss and a healthier lifestyle continue. As for the eczema, well, at the moment it is back to the Prednisone and anti-histamines for a few weeks to try and get some relief and much needed sleep.

Thanks heaps to those who have taken the time to read, comment on and share these blog posts, your support has been massively appreciated. If this is the first in this series of blogs you have read, here are the links to blog one and two.


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