This is my life … Week 1 update

The good news, I am 3.5 kg’s lighter. The not so good news, my eczema has gone on the war path, however I was warned this might happen in the first week or two as the body releases all the built up toxins. “Short term pain for long term gain” has become my motto because the pain / itching has, at times, been unbearable. At least the side effect is my suit and shirt is a little baggier on me.

So, a week not to be forgotten for what can only be described as an emotional roller coaster. You wouldn’t think changing your diet would have a major effect on you emotionally but believe me there were times  where I was ready to throw groceries around the supermarket / health food store! When I thought I had found something I could have there was always one or two ingredients which were on the “No” list.

Speaking of lists, below are the lists of “No” and “Yes” foods.




The question I get asked repeatedly is what foods / drinks do I miss the most. The answer: COFFEE! I used to drink 2 or 3 coffees a day and they were always a highlight / something I looked forward to as part of my daily routine. I really, really miss coffee. Outside of that I think some dairy, bacon, corn and the ability to make tasty sauces, dressings or flavouring to go with the mostly fish and chicken I have been eating.

You might note I cannot have lemons, chilli, garlic, onion or tomato – all great for flavouring food. No Olive oil (or mushrooms due to my blood group), Sesame oil, vinegar, lemon juice (or any citrus juice) which are all often used in making salad dressings and mayonnaise. I have really found trying to get flavour into foods the toughest although I can use Himalayan Pink Salt and a little pepper in cooking but without sauces the food can be dry. I can’t even have Gluten free bread as they often replace wheat with maize / corn, potato and most have yeast in them.

Coconuts have proven to be the big replacement – using coconut oil for cooking and coconut milk yoghurt with banana is pretty awesome for breakfast! Kumara and Pumpkin have replaced potatoes, Tamari has replaced Soy and I eat raw veggies and salads A LOT. The juicer has proven invaluable as I have to get through 3 to 4 litres of fluids a day. Pear, Apple, Carrot, Spinach tend to be the staple with Grapes and Kale as alternatives. An interesting week to say the least and I can safely say I have learnt more about food in the last few weeks than the last 40 years.

I really hope week two brings some results in terms of the eczema starting to get a little better. A quick thank you to my awesome wife who has been a rock, has eaten 90% of the same foods I have and has kept me on the straight and narrow! Also, to an awesome team of people I work with, your support and kind words have meant more than you will know!

At least the kg’s are heading in the right direction and I will write again soon!



  1. Well done Mark. Best of luck for your lifestyle change and I hope the hard work is outweighed by the benefits received.


  2. Keep on going my friend, you are doing an awesome job and I’m there to support you all the way over those civilised pots of tea :o)


  3. It’s just over a year since I changed my diet to what is almost entirely paleo (alcohol being the exception here – let’s not be silly about this). They are a very similar list of foods you can eat. The biggest hurdle I found in that very hard first week was focusing on what I missed – and not focusing the wonderful dishes and clean foods I could eat. Once I got my head around that and I was hungry a lot less, it was remarkably plain sailing. So stick at it until it becomes habit as it will totally be worth it.

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  4. Recommend HomeGrown Raw Fruit Smoothie .. you can get from Packnsave No preservative and they have 400ml perfect for work. We also have coconut water in small packs for work as well as it does quench the cravings .I have managed to reduce coffee to a 6oz or less black.. one a day. First week when we went clean Panadol was my best mate ..ouch. Now I tend to crave fresher eating. 80 – 20 rules in our house cause it was Mothers Day yesteday !!! CHOCOLATE


    1. Thanks Fi, appreciate the handy hints and tips. Nurofen + was a handy friend for the first few days! The cravings have reduced and I might need to go the same way as you with the coffee but I do look forward to that first one!


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