Month: December 2012

The world we live in and life in general.

Some might say that time flies when you’re having fun but the that Utopia doesn’t account for the reality that time also flies when you’re mentally busy at work, particularly when you’re looking for these critters!


Lost? Just Google “purple squirrel”

The untimely and tragic death of an ex-colleague brought me screaming to a halt yesterday and the memory of making a mad dash across 11 time zones to be with my inspirational, loving, selfless and most beautiful Mother, to say goodbye in February this year, came flooding back.

Not that I had forgotten, the memory is forever burned into my cerebral cortex, as anyone who has lost a family member will attest to, but life tends to run away from us in the mad dash that is work and life.

I made it home in time to hold, talk to and say goodbye to the person who had been a rock, someone I could always turn to and talk to about the world we live in and life in general. So this is for you Mom, a personal post in memory of all the things you taught me, the boy you turned into a man and the life devoted to making me see the silver lining when things went pear-shaped. You helped me to see and understand that no matter what is said, what obstacles life throws at us and however busy we are, there is always time to laugh!

This one’s for you Mom ………..