Month: November 2012

A time to write …..

Well, well, well, after many months of procrastination, fighting the fear of that gut wrenching first step into the blogging world and laying it all out there for the world to see, I have decided to put pen to paper (well, to punch away at the keyboard at any rate) and take that leap.

I have hand written poems and short stories from life experiences gone by but they are slowly gathering dust in a box in the storeroom. Having never been read by more than a handful of people I thought I would join the 21st century, get the ol’ blog up and running and share my wit, charm and humour (I feel a Tui moment coming) with those that might stumble across these little words.

What to expect ……… well, the world we live in and life in general (those aptly sung words by Depeche Mode back in the 80’s) but you’re likely to find a mix of work (recruitment, sourcing, employer branding, social media for recruitment, emerging HR technology) and personal (SpringBoks, Sharks, fishing and family) might feature!  

You could look me up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and through whatever Boolean string that takes your fancy via Google and you would probably find that I am: South African, studied Law, went to London in 1995, met my awesome Kiwi wife, spent 11 years in the beautiful city of Sydney, play Dad to a very wise and cheeky 6-year-old boy and now live and play in the land of the long white cloud. With 17 years (that makes me feel ancient) in external and internal recruitment, HR consulting, sourcing and engaging with the recruitment and Banking communities my head abounds with hair-raising, bite my tongue humour and stories of  Gangnam style proportion.

I love people; watching them (no not stalking them although I might have viewed your LinkedIn profile once or twice), working with them, making their career dreams into reality and engaging with them both at work and out on the water  in search of those pelagic fish that roam the deep.

So, the first post is written, edited and more than likely will see me + my better half being the only visitors, oh, unless you have clicked on the link I am very likely to post on the aforementioned social media platforms. If you have managed to stumble upon this humble little blog then I thank you for visting and hope you might return in the future to post a few comments,engage and laugh at the musings of a family loving, rugby mad, fishing charter captain wannabe and by day Talent Sourcing Manager who loves the the world we live in and life in general!